03 No Gender, Agenda

from by Shen Ji

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Enter Eternity: The evolutionary rap album by Shen Ji & The Solar Nation.


The No Gender Agenda

Descended upon a plane of darkness to harness grace
The space time continuum breaks……
& Lakes rise as the ice caps melt, to the demise of the old paradigms, decapitating weak minds with the beast vibes so the blind can see…
& the silent speak up….
& the violent weap as they feel the pain that they have inflicted upon their victims time after time… fulfilling their karmic spiral creation….
The interlacing lines of the earth surface shine as dirt returns to light, this is divine… even in the eye of the robot mankind
So what? Sublime manifestations arise and shake the very foundation upon which you base your limitation
Separation simply leads souls to the grave in this golden age
Unification saves slaves….
The brave blaze waves of sage high grade….
Sending the brain wave frequency off the chain
Now I’m gonna…. Chain saw the presidential neck &, take It to Iraq & drop it through a portal that leads directly to the solar core…..
Now that’s real reparation, and some trepidation…..
Next we shall behead queen lizard breath the second if they fail to return all stolen sacred artifacts
This is the ransom….
& I seek no redemption for I am not Jack Bauer..
I am an earth saving celestial super consciousness with awesome solar power
I shall evoke a lightening bold to electrocute you for an hour…..
And you will feel each moment of pain until you die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


from Enter Eternity, released June 7, 2017
Instrumental by Shudoshi Shu



all rights reserved


Shen Ji (Solar) Esmeraldas, Ecuador

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