05 Step Beyond (ft Anyway Tha God)

from by Shen Ji

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Enter Eternity: The evolutionary rap album by Shen Ji & The Solar Nation.


Drifting through a life of mist and – gripping
The blissing with which one was gifted
The lifted souls unfold with wisdom
Restricted foes uphold the system
Insisting to live their lives inflicting vibes as villain and victim

Once upon a time a sage said eye must dismiss them
& kiss them – with the breath of death
A lesson heaven sent – a gem to comprehend
We're twisting minds and lifting high
To paradigms aligned with paradise
Precise and paralyzing eyes as hearts race

And now that I got at you we're gonna start page

New days every moment
Rebirth after holding onto thought forms mold
The heart seal like a cauldron – burning away the old
The false self gets scolded here – now we’re ready for transforming
Performing for the universal calling
The vibes never get boring
You’re best to awaken or die crawling
The wake is a straight maul and the quake penetrates your tarpaulin
Without mourning
We sound horns with the frequency form
We spout law so yeah it’s sweet to be born
We transcend the flesh parallax so victories on
Quick the Richter scales blowing – showing
Arithmetic’s in rhythmic depiction – fact or fiction
Relax your vision and tell me what’s the difference
Enact your wisdom and wind down
This is provisional time now
Delve into self revision and find out
If this is the right sound
Cause when it floods we'll leg it to high ground
Some float and some drownded
The souls who abound in grace will be Christ crowned
The ones who abort the race will never be found

We’ve got to Step beyond – step-step beyond
We Step beyond – step-step beyond
We step beyond – step-step beyond illusion

I said we Step beyond – step-step beyond
We Step beyond – step-step beyond
We step beyond – step-step beyond keep cruising


from Enter Eternity, released June 7, 2017
Instrumental by D.F.F



all rights reserved


Shen Ji (Solar) Esmeraldas, Ecuador

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