10 Absolute Excellence

from by Shen Ji

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Enter Eternity: The evolutionary rap album by Shen Ji & The Solar Nation.


Absolute Excellence

It was a cold – cold night
The Holy Ghost was with me on the back of the motorbike and she said she would roll for life
And she said if you’re Superman I will deal with the kryptonite
And she said if you zoop a man I will bury the prick tonight (ahh)
Metaphoric metaphysic – metabolic rate fizzy
Reality gone dizzy – make a human being ask who is he?
And where and why and what and how?
And if I’m not this body then let me out – into the ether

I’m gonna transform the body into a spaceship – exit the matrix
You can never go back on the red pill do you really wanna take this
Yeah – let me pop that quick – here – right now – I’m ready
I’ll come and attack the dream like Freddy

With the light body vibration – no time for time wasting
Go darker than a mason – go to hell and slay Satan with a light sabre
Place it in his heart and then take it to the stars and embrace

Lord – I’ll meditate and shift constellations god
Levitate and make gravity vacant or – elevate like mist out of the nasal
Communication with animals so we play zoo
Rumble in the jungle with mammals that will erase you – for the taste
No trace – no case – no face – even bone marrow don’t waste
Even speedy Gonzales don’t wanna race – the teleportation
Undulee yeeha – and buzzing like a beehive

And then I end up in a desert on camels – in black sandals with Jack Daniels
And Terror Bliss and Sho X – about to roll spliff in front of the pyramid
Spitting this – crimson lyricist fire
Explosive – floating through the atmosphere – yeah
That’s the Legionnaire faction
Quantum chain reaction got the brain wave sharp as beyblade
The alchemist’s attraction – particles are collapsing
I’m manifesting a destiny in the flats – relaxed
With a du rag and a mask in a bag to the left
Feather to the right so the gods know the rest
Cheddar to the mice – grey weather that I like
Stay with her for the night rain – invoking lightning
Hike through the dark and light
Pilgrimage to make a rise and return in light – three eyed
Now that’s what I see out
They see me and the react to the spirit like a hypochondriac

Mind zone – time blown
Make em wanna start a jihad off of the knowledge we had
Yeah – Michael Jackson said it – we bad (oww)
But that’s good cause we can take your mind to rehab
And re-slab the frontal lobe – of your brain with a pathway that’s gold
Wizard of Oz you should follow the brick road
It’s – the best currency
Honestly – come and see Dorothy kicking back in a hammock
Chilling with the scarecrow biting down on a sandwich
Sipping on a pina colada twisting her cabbage
The spirit of the lion gone savage – bringing Jean Claude Van Damage
So much frequency flowing and the lord manage that, masterfully, and that’s the movie…
Ascended matter & mind to the next paradigm


from Enter Eternity, released June 7, 2017
Instrumental by ShoXstar



all rights reserved


Shen Ji (Solar) Esmeraldas, Ecuador

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